About Michelle & Type A Home


About Michelle


Throughout my life everything I’ve done, it seems, has prepared me for my home wellness business, Type A Home.

As a small child, my parents instilled in me a serious work ethic. At a young age, I learned how clean, cook, and care for my belongings. As a student, I actively participated in outdoor activities during the school year and during the Summer. This also helped me realize the importance of life-work balance. My involvement in outdoor activities kept me busy throughout the year, and  taught me about how to make the most of life’s journey.

After high school, I attended art school, graduating from The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. I subsequently earned my Teaching Certification from Towson State University, teaching art in grades K-12 in Baltimore County. As an art teacher, I learned about process and structure and how to see details in my surroundings. I learned that planning ahead and creative thinking are important elements to success.

As a young professional, I continued to be involved in the arts, participating in solo and group shows, painting movie sets, and working in faux finishing. I also worked as a caterer, tended bar, waited tables, and earned my fitness credentials. I worked in sales and marketing for over ten years before starting Type A Home in 2008.

I’ve always been an ideas person and a hard worker, so I was well-suited for entrepreneurship. I thrived on nurturing a self-made, woman-owned, one-of-a -kind business. The business thrived, too.

About Type A Home


When I was working in the corporate world, I needed help around the house. But I could not find a service with the flexibility to meet my exact needs. It was frustrating. That’s why I designed Type A Home to cater to the various needs of unique families and individuals.

Type A Home grew quickly and reached an apex in 2015, with a staff of ten. From a business standpoint, I was succeeding wildly. But from a personal standpoint, I was spending too much time growing the business, managing my customer base and overseeing staff.

So I recently chose to simplify. I scaled back my staff and streamlined my services. I still offer exceptional services, but simplifying has enabled me to nurture my artistic creativity and focus on personal wellness. This allows me to be more tuned-in to my clients' needs and deliver the  one-on-one attention that they deserve.

Maintaining home order feeds into personal wellness. Type A Home works miracles in helping people gain control over their home environment. Over the years, the outpouring of emotion and gratitude from happy clients has almost been overwhelming at times.

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