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MY Type A Life Simplified, just a little...

I’m intuitive, curious, passionate, experimental, driven, full of ideas, an explorer, a day dreamer, a pusher of  boundaries, personable, firm, kindly direct, an artist and maker of things, and a perfectionist, well, sort of, at least when it comes to home management, in my so humble opinion.

“I’m gifted”, I once said to a caller.  “I see dirt”! He laughed so hard I was hired on the spot!  But it’s true, I can clean, organize, and manage most any home curiously intuitively! Gifted in this life skill, I’m sure my mother has something to do with it. I’m an ideas person and this idea for Type A Home stuck, and worked, and has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. For the past 11 years I've run fast and furious with Type A Home and I haven’t quit; I've just SIMPLIFIED. I’ve gone from a solo starter to employing up to 10+ staff.  Implementing, and stacking on many vertical business lines in the home management genre. Managing, recruiting, hiring, training, and scheduling. Molding new team members the Type A way. I managed all aspects of sales & marketing, management,and operations, full circle back to solo-preneur-by design.

   In the efforts to help others manage their life/work balance, customers AND Staff, I lost some of mine! So I feel that I’ve experienced, bled, cried, and loved it, and am no longer AS curious. I feel it's time to move on from the fast paced Type A and slow down, take it eas-ier, and now just want to SIMPLIFY my life!  I still wholly believe in Total Home Wellness and in the long term benefits of maintaining a clean and organized home. So, when I say that I’m SIMPLIFYING, I don’t mean to imply a simplified, lacking or lazy performance. It just means that I’m letting go of all the DRAMA of running a full blown business specifically in developing and maintaining a staff in a labor intensive business. It took some time for me to let go of some ego and realize that it’s OK to simplify! I’ve had my empire-I’m satisfied. MY time is now and NOW all I want is what I began with in 2008-a simply good idea where I can work for myself, being my own boss, make my own schedule, and create art, and that's what I'm doing, Now.

Stop to smell the flowers


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