Organization Creates Calm


If your living space is beginning to feel claustrophobic, Michelle will sort, purge, pack, organize, declutter, recycle, and detail any area of your home. 

All the help you need to live in peace

  • Michelle can work magic in all areas of your home, including kitchens, closets, attics, basements, and garages. Whether you just need to organize a few rooms or if your entire home is choked with stuff’, She can help you sort, purge, organize, pack, donate, and repurpose. And she's flexible - depending on your needs, you can book her services for small or large slots of time. Her expertise includes:

  • Help  deciding what to keep when downsizing

  • Create home filing systems, tracking appointments, and planning important events and projects.

  • Paper management.

  • Estate clean-outs.

  • Creating organization solutions for closets, basements, and garages to eliminate clutter and maximize storage space.

  • If a consultation/evaluation is all you need, she can assess your situation and then provide you with a written list of things to do. (For a fee.)

  • Intensive decluttering services with special help available for hoarders and chronic disorganizers. Learn more about the Hoarding Levels 1-5

What's your organizing need?


Michelle can handle any space in the home, including larger areas like your attic, basement, shed, or garage. She also takes on smaller, yet still daunting areas like your junk drawers, clothing drawers, and linen closets. She even takes on public storage units! 

  • Kitchen, gadgets and pantry? Michelle will help you know what you have, what you need, where to find it., She can make mealtimes and clean-up easier than ever.

  • Bedrooms? Bedrooms are for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Michelle can reclaim the  serenity in your sanctuary.

  • Closets and drawers? She'll help you edit your wardrobe and boxed keepsakes to make the best use of your most treasured real-estate - your closets!

  • Playrooms, garages, attics ? You name it! Michelle can create and find space in whatever room you need.

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