Hoarding & Chronic Disorganization

Imagine peace of mind, calm, & serenity in your own home.


Living in a home with extreme amounts of clutter can feel like an inescapable trap. There is so much stuff that it feels impossible to know where or how to start. So let Michelle help. It's time to tackle the decluttering of your home with the expertise she’s acquired through years of hands-on experience.

Michelle’s core values include establishing a safe space, listening first, collaborating on an action plan, and following through with gentle yet firm accountability. This provides just the spark needed to start moving forward.

What may seem like an overwhelming task becomes a joint effort – Together you will move toward your goal in step-by-step, manageable increments. If you're not feeling up for the task, Michelle can handle it on her own to get the clutter under control.

The goal is NOT to throw everything away but rather to help you make decisions on what to keep or donate. Let’s set a time to connect and talk about your organizing needs.

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