Downsizing & Move Preparation

Take the stress out of moving.


There are so many details that go into making a move successful before getting settled in, Michelle understands that moving day can be hectic. But moving need not be one of life’s most stressful experiences: Michelle can make it as painless as possible.


Relocation Services


  • Move in/Move-out cleaning.

  • Packing, unpacking, & organizing.

  • Inventory pre- and post-move.

  • Arrange for donations or consignment of unwanted items.

  • On-site support: Receive new appliances or meet any other service providers requiring  access to your new home.

  • Eldercare moves/downsizing (non medical).

A New Start


  • Let Michelle help to organize your space to maximize the marketability and salability of your home. Organized, serene houses sell for more than those with clutter. It’s a fact.

  • Michelle will help you move in, unpack and set up your new space, providing a true fresh start after the change of address.

  • Sometimes empty-nesters need a little help downsizing after the demands on their home have shifted. Michelle can help you re-envision the space you’ve lived in for all those years. 

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