Art for the Home & Office

Art and Home Wellness


Whether you’re just starting to build your art collection or if you’re already a savvy collector, having beautiful art in your dwelling contributes greatly to personal and home wellness.

Great art makes you think, feel, and see in new and interesting ways. Works of art enrich your daily life while also adding visual interest to your space and highlighting your aesthetic sensibilities.

In office environments, decorating  white walls with art has been proven to increase productivity. Whether in a home office or a corporate setting, artwork stimulates the senses and creativity. The contemplation of artwork can often lead to that “Aha” moment for securing that next big client or resolving life’s challenges.  Read more about this here.

Michelle has extensive experience in the world of art. She has a Bacehlor of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art. Prior to launching Type A Home, she spent several years working in the arts: as a gallery owner, painting sets for movies, faux-finishing and teaching art. She is a talented painter, whose work has been widely exhibited in places like the Maryland Federation of Art, Atlas Fine Arts, and MAXgallery.

Michelle maintains a website where you can view and purchase her work. She also has an extensive resource list of other artists and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Michelle can provide gallery tours and introduce you to a wide variety of great artists.

Check out Michelle's website here:

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