What is Type ‘A’? What does THAT mean?

Type A Home was named after the personality type. “Type A personality. Highly detailed and where “good enough” isn’t good enough. We strive for detail, perfection, consistency and happiness. As humanly possible (as humans are not perfect) we deliver on that. If something is missed we will be back to remedy. Our goal is to delight our customers in any of the services we provide.

Does green cleaning do the same job as using conventional products?

NO! Green cleaning gets it clean without killing you or all nature’s little creatures. It doesn’t make you cough or gag, either. As far as effectively cleaning, doing it with green products is highly effective. The chemicals in conventional products will hurt you more than the germs will. Bleach is not the answer! Our bodies need natural challenges rather than synthetic chemicals that load our systems. We use primarily Melaleuca products that are concentrated so we use less plastic. These products are non caustic so we don’t harm our bodies. We also use other green label products, as well as vinegar, essential oils, baking soda, and peroxide. Safety First for everyone!

Do you supply all the equipment and products?

Type A supplies MOST products and equipment including a vacuum cleaner. We only use non-toxic eco-friendly and very effective cleaning products. We do ask that you supply paper towels and garbage bags and toilet brushes for each toilet room. Please have toilet brushes available in each bathroom. We do not provide these or carry them from one bathroom to another within a home. We use paper towels to wipe up after we clean for a streak free, brand new look and not as our cleaning cloths.

So what does “Leave your dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, beds unmade, and laundry in the basket” mean and to what extent?

This means exactly what it says. In most other cases, other home cleaning companies ask that you “get ready for the cleaning lady” by making sure things are picked up and moved away prior to the arrival of the service. Most other cleaning companies won’t clean a sink if there are dishes in it or pick up anything on the floor; they “clean” around it. At Type A we will happily do this for you so you do not have to stress before we arrive. This DOESN’T mean that you should leave 1-2 or 3 weeks worth of dirty dishes in the sink or food that has begun to rot and mold etc because you know that we are visiting. We will fold and wash laundry as much as it fits into our agreed job size, and please always leave your bed’s unmade; we will make them and by leaving a set of clean sheets on the bed for us, we will change the bed linens as well.

As for toys on the floor, we’ll pick them up and put them away (same as dishes in the sink). Remember that on our first initial meeting I ask that you do not clean up. We need to see your home in its normal state of dirty and or messy in order for us to give you the good faith job estimate. If you DO normally have 1-2 or 3 weeks of dishes piled up this is fine; the job estimate will reflect this.

We DO all this providing your budget is in line with what you want us to accomplish, otherwise we agree to a budget and some things may not get the Type A stamp of perfection. it’s up to you. I alway say, you can’t fit, 10 pounds of sugar into a 5 pound bag. We can’t clean and organize well if only given (for example) 3 hours of time to do a 6-hour job.

Do you clean under furniture and pick up clutter?

We clean under everything! We move furniture as long as it won’t break our backs. Most sofas, tables, and chairs are easy to move but large heavy beds, bookcases or curio cabinets, and refrigerators are usually too heavy to move or slide. If you would like us to clean under those heavy things please make preparation ahead of time as we would love to remove any of the dirt lurking behind these areas. Most times this type of detail/labor comes with a deeper first time clean. We gladly pick up clutter and tidy/organize but this should be expected as part of the job from the initial visit for estimate. (If your home is typically always “messy” we need to know this for the job estimate so please do not clean up before we come out for our first “getting to know each other” visit)

Do you clean in high places?

Our crews may not go over a couple rungs of a ladder. However, we do have extension tools for dusting.

Do you mind pets?

No, we love pets. We just like to know beforehand so that we don’t send in cleaners with allergies. If there are dogs or hogs, we ask that they either are friendly or caged. Same goes with tarantulas, bison and lemurs — et al. As much we adore soft and furry and lovable creatures, we DO NOT clean out litter boxes or scoop poop. We also prefer not to be exposed to extreme animal soiled areas. If the extreme odor nearly knocks us out before we reach the area to be cleaned, like in a basement, then a discussion will be initiated as to whether that area will be addressed. Please, this is not to be mistaken as rudeness. Type A values each crew member’s job satisfaction and will not expose team players to unhealthy or unpleasant working conditions. All this will be addressed on our first meeting.

Diapers and other soils:

We prefer not to be in contact with dirty diapers or other bodily soils. Please also be conscious and considerate of your personal habits. We are here to help maintain a healthy home. During those “times of the month”, ladies, or in general if your tummy may be erupting from illness… As much as we love our job in helping you manage and maintain a healthy, clean, tidy and well home, we prefer not to be exposed to unhealthy situations.

Does someone need to be home when you clean?

No. In fact we are more productive and stay on task and focused when you are not home. We can just get right down to business! We just need to get in. You can either arrange to get us a key, leave one under your mat or in a lockbox or with a neighbor. Or, you can arrange for a friend to let us in. Just leave a contact number in case we need to contact you. If we cannot get access to your home or it is armed without us having an access code, we consider that a cancellation and 50% of the scheduled cleaning fee will be charged to you.

Are you usually on time if I need to meet you?

It’s the nature of the cleaning business, as all service work, that appointments are difficult to keep to the minute. We ask that you give us about a half hour leeway for the cleanings. Our crews can get caught in traffic or might have a previous cleaning that suddenly requires more attention and any number of human-related delays. We try our best to be right on time or give a call if we’re running late. It helps keep the jobs much less stressful and run more smoothly when our clients understand this.

How do we pay you and how do you charge?

We like to be paid at the time of service or prior to our service. You can pay in cash or with a check made out to Michelle Spiziri or Type A Home. Please leave payment in a sealed privacy envelope with Type A written on it in a very visible location if leaving for us at the start of the day. You may also pay the week or the month ahead of time, which would need arrive prior to our visiting day, to insure payment before we provide the service. Mailing payments and setting payment up on auto pay through your bill pay is preferable so you never have to remember or forget to pay us. Payments need to arrive at least a day ahead of your scheduled visit so please plan your mailing accordingly.

Mailing payments:

Michelle Spiziri – 41 Springhill Farm Court Cockeysville, MD 21030

We charge by the job, not by the hour. We determine how long it should take for one, two, or more Type A professionals to complete the job. Based on home size, clutter, knickknacks, and how long it has been since anyone has really cleaned, is how we determine a job’s price. We offer a GOOD FAITH estimate but require to be paid for our time working. However, if for some reason things change in a home where we are continually working past our estimated or normal allotted time we will charge/bill an additional $40-$50/hr. Weekly and biweekly cleanings are most common and monthly cleanings for the same job are typically more costly and hourly.

It is often to the surprise of many people that the time it takes to do any cleaning or organizing job well take the time it does. If your budget does not allow us the real time we need to do the job well then we do the best we can within your budget time. Expectations are set and agreed upon for win win experiences.

Changes in your home:

As things change in life (children grow, your acquire a pet, you have house guests often, etc) so may your house needs. There may be discussion regarding your fee change should we discover that we need more time to manage your home on a regular basis.

Type A has minimums in regards to fees no matter how “small “the task or time.


Type A often requires retainers for first-time visits which go towards our visiting day. Non-refundable. Use it or lose it. If things change or you need to reschedule you have 60 days to reschedule and at minimum use the amount of the retainer.

What do I need to know about the first cleaning?

First cleanings take a longer than regular cleanings because we like to get things up to par. They’re usually deeper cleanings where we set the stage for bi-weekly or weekly maintenance cleaning. These first-time projects, as I like to call them, can detail everything from complete organizing and cleaning rooms, closets, cabinets, drawers, etc, refrigerators, ovens, lighting fixtures, etc if you want, (or not); all the things that are obviously in need of attention. This includes dusting baseboards, window sills, ceiling fixtures, wiping exterior cabinets, vacuuming edges of rooms and furniture, etc. Addressing all these things (if needed) prior to maintenance cleaning will keep your home cleaner longer and easier for us to maintain regular cleanings.

What if I don’t need or want you to organize my closets etc?

Then we won’t. Just know that if your home has “clutter challenges” we might not be able to clean to Type A standards/capacity.

Should we worry about our valuables?

We are all bonded and insured and our crews are carefully picked for their respect, thoughtfulness, awareness, brains, and all go through background checks. However, sometimes accidents happen and items occasionally get broken. We encourage you to safely store your valuables and items that are irreplaceable and tell us which items we should keep an eye out for (things that are already broken or easily damaged). We reserve the right, as well, to not clean certain fragile items or the areas around them that may seem precarious. We are not responsible for faulty items or items that have not been properly installed or treated. If you discover something broken by our crews, please let us know as it is discovered and not wait a week or more.

What about clutter? Hoarding?

Part of our job is to make your home your castle and if that means clearing or organizing clutter then we will certainly do this. It will be part of the job estimate. Clearing and organizing clutter takes time. We have a special knack for just knowing what to do with “stuff”. If you want us to specifically take care of organizing first then cleaning later we do have a specific organizing fee that you can find under “Services”. If you know someone who has a hoarding problem we can help there too although hoarding has a whole different set of issues surrounding it and one MUST be open to discarding/recycling.

Is there a way to make the cleanings more affordable?

Type A always REALLY cleans. We do not take shortcuts ever, we always clean baseboards, window sills, and windows if they are dirty, make beds, clean under, above and sideways using eco-friendly products each visit. Cleaning and organizing is hard work when it’s done the Type A way we promise our performance. We can also promise you that you can spend less with another company but the results will NOT be the same. Our job is to make your home life less stressful giving you relief from having to do these things yourself after your long day at work. How valuable is it for you to come home to a really clean and organized home without worry that you just paid someone else for a half done job?…PRICELESS.

Can we add items to our regular service?

Absolutely, If it’s a task that should only take a couple minutes, just leave us a note. If it’s something that may take more than that, please let us know ahead of time by sending us an email or leaving a phone message. This way we can be sure to schedule enough time to honor your request without running behind to the next cleaning – and we’ll be able to tell you ahead of time how much extra it might cost.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you must cancel a cleaning. We ask for at least a 24-hour notice. In the event that you cancel under a 24-hour period, we charge 50% of the scheduled cleaning fee unless we can reschedule it for the same week.

Do we tip the crew?

It is not required but if you’re pleased with the job, please feel free to encourage the crew with a tip. If you decide to include gratuity, please do so in cash.

How can we help support your business?

Aside from letting us know how happy you are with us (which we always love to hear!), you can tell your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues about us (we do offer a $ referral bonus for new customers referred to us by anyone! see my referral bonus page) you can also purchase a gift certificate to spread the joy. You may also contact the media, nominate or vote for us in “Best of” for Baltimore. Suggest our services on Angie’s List website or write a testimonial for our website. Just email me at Michelle@typeAhome.com your testimonial and/or comments you would like to share. Name privacy is respected at your request; we just like to list your first name and town. It is a core value of Type A’s to respect and care about your home and belongings; to treat your home and belongings, family pictures, collectibles, etc with great respect.

We are all humans and humans sometimes make mistakes and accidents do and can occur. We are insured and bonded for this reason. Any incident is always immediately brought to your attention and plans for correction are always immediately implemented.

Fine Art FAQs

How and when should interested customers contact you?
I’m easy to connect with! Just call, email or text!

Do you accept commissioned projects?

What are your payment terms?
You may pay via the website for online orders. For commissions, we take ½ down then at finish the final payment.

Do you offer installment payment plans?
Absolutely! Once paid in full your artwork will be released.

Do you have a return policy?
Original artwork is not returnable- we hope you truly love it before you decide to purchase. Since some art is made to order, including giclé’s and commission work, we do not take returns. If your art comes in damaged please connect ASAP!

What shipping options do you offer?
USPS and if you’re local and have purchased and original, we can personally deliver! We can also plan on FEDEX and UPS- additional unanticipated fees will be passed along.

Do you offer art hanging services?
We can connect you with local professional art hangers.

Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees?
Yes! Please contact me for discussion.

Does your print come with a certificate of authenticity?

Do you accept visitors at your studio?
Yes by appointment only.

Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork?
Yes! For a fee I will travel with you to professional framer or will have it framed for you. Framing is an additional cost.

May I “Try it before I buy it?”
If you’re local and the original art work is manageable for travel, then yes- call for more information.

What is giclee?
Giclee (pronounced jhee-clay) refers to a method of creating limited edition prints. The French word “giclee” means “spray of ink.” Giclee reproductions were originally developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing. It’s a long story!

How is a giclee reproduction made?
Original artwork is photographed either by a large format film camera and scanned, or photographed with a large format digital camera or scanning back. The resulting files are stored in the computer, then output to a high-resolution wide format inkjet printer.

How does a giclee reproduction compare to a lithograph?
Using museum quality digital copy stand and eight color printers, gicle’s show every subtlety and nuance of the original—our reproductions are often indistinguishable from the original work of art. Giclee prints have become accepted by the art community for their exceptional detail, archival qualities, and reasonable cost. Lithographs are printed with a visible dot pattern with inks that fade on paper that is usually not archival. There really is no comparison!

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