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Why Type A Home?

Definition of Type ‘A’ Personality:

A temperament characterized by excessive ambition, aggression, competitiveness, drive, impatience, need for control, focus on quantity over quality and unrealistic sense of urgency.

Diagram of a Type A Personality

Well, we’re not hostile here, we love our jobs and love helping people. Since the beginning, though I’ve run the business very structured with staff, customer agreements and “policy”. I focus highly on quality- given the time we need in some cases we do exceptional, besides that, we are exceptional.

Wanting to grow into a self-made woman-owned, one of kind business, going from starving artist to great ideas woman entrepreneur lead empire, maybe the quantity the definition of Type A expresses for me. The need for Home Wellness and Lifestyle Management is ever so pressing with everybody always in a hurry. The desire to please customers NOW may be the unrealistic sense of urgency expressed in the definition as well.

As a people, we are all outfitted to some degree as Type A and Type B personalities. I chose the name Type A Home for my business because I was never happy with the performance of other company’s in my home and felt that I was too Type A to have anyone else manage my home the way I wanted it- No one did that! Still today I continue to manage my own home or use my own trusted staff.

Choose a conscientious team for your home

Type ‘A’ Home Concierge was created shortly after Michelle was absolutely dissatisfied with a company that she hired to help manage her own home while working in Corporate America. After running solo for a year, business began to pick up considerably- the need and desire for home management were abundant. As business grew, Michelle saw the need to hire exceptional and like-minded people to help her serve her customers.
See for yourself what Type A Home can do for you. We are a full-service Home Wellness and Lifestyle management Company that assists in clearing all the “to-dos” on your list. Whether you need organizing, cleaning, errand running, dog walking, house painting, or any other service, Type A Home is your one-stop shop to help lessen your chore load.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let us help! We will give you a hand in managing the Dis-Ease in your life.

Michelle – Your Home Concierge

Throughout my life everything I’ve done, it seems, has prepared me for business in Type A Home.
As a small child, my parents instilled in me a serious work ethic. At a young age, I started cleaning, cooking, and staying active in team sports that kept me busy through school semesters and summers.
After high school, I attended The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) from which I received a BFA in Fine Art. I went on to earn my Teaching Certification from Towson State University, and then to teach art in grades K-12.

As an art major, I was taught to “see” details in my surroundings. As an art teacher, I was taught process and structure. I learned that planning and creative thinking were important elements in making a successful day a reality.
After college I continued to be involved in the arts, participating in solo and group shows, painting on sets for made-for-TV movies, and working in faux finishing. I worked as a caterer and in gourmet foods, bartended and waited tables, and earned my fitness credentials. For ten years I worked in sales and marketing before starting my Home Wellness business in 2008.
At Type A, we are in tune with the small details in your home to ensure a feeling of Total Home Wellness. I care deeply about the quality of the services we provide. Every individual on our crew is a consciously aware professional who cares enough about your home to deliver consistent and thorough results.

Are you ready?

Type A Home Concierge is only a phone call away!