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I'm Michelle, an expert in decluttering.  I am passionate about home wellness!


Our homes are sacred places. They help provide shelter, nourishment, security, and comfort. No matter where you dwell, the walls that hold you should provide a respite from the constant demands of work and the world. Home wellness matters!


I believe that your home is a living entity of sorts; it is an extension of yourself. If your home is cluttered and dirty, it's not a well home. An unwell home affects you, the home dweller. If your home is in good order - clean and organized - then your mind is clearer and less cluttered, giving you the opportunity to focus on what's important in your life.


Clutter is a virus that creates stress and saps your energy. Searching for things under endless piles of stuff creates stress  Stress creates dis-ease. So let's eliminate the stress.

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My Services


"Michelle is amazing, incredible, stupendous and just what I needed! Why do I feel so elated over Type A Home? It's because Michelle knew exactly what to do to turn my chaos into a peaceful sanctuary. I wanted, no I NEEDED, a place where I could be creative, where I could rest comfortably and where I could entertain. All of this in a space that is very small and was cramped with STUFF!! Michelle was able to look at my apartment and to envision a comfortable, safe, nurturing environment. If you need an overhaul of your space, I highly recommend Michelle and Type A Home!"

Melanie B.

"Dear Michelle, Thanks so much for the efforts of you and your team!! I really appreciate it. Your thorough top to bottom approach got parts of my house clean that have never been clean! I feel so good as I look around and don't see any dust bunnies, spiderwebs, or dirt of any kind. My floors are so clean I could eat off them, well, maybe not, but I feel that way! The windows are bright and shiny and you even scrubbed the dog drool of the pet door. A huge thanks to you and your team. I look forward to your next visit as well as some additional organizing! Cheers"

Marilynn D.

"Michelle left the corporate world to start her business because so many men and women who work need support in their personal lives to maintain their homes, to run errands and do special projects and to prepare meals. She has built an excellent team who are very trustworthy, each adding to the diverse skill sets she offers. Having partaken of all of her services I believe the value has been outstanding. Michelle has walked in our shoes so knows exactly what we mean, & will always adapt to suit your needs if she can. Treat yourself to a TYPE A service and experience the difference!"

Mickie H.

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