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About Michelle Spiziri

Owner and Founder of Type A Home Concierge, Michelle Spiziri, started the company in 2008. Understanding that people want and need more than just a single home service, Michelle created a Home Wellness and Lifestyle Management Company that caters to the multiple needs of busy individuals and families. She and her team have been helping eliminate in-home stress since 2008.

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Love your home again by taking control of your living and work space.

Through matter of fact Home Wellness coaching, Type A Home will work to help create your sacred space. Ranging from residential homes to within prestigious universities, we have experience dealing with a wide range of customer home needs. From basic ReDesign and green cleaning and tidying to disorganized flow, chronically cluttered and hoarder issues. Type A home makes it easy to live in and love your home.

Our Services

We provide a suite of Home Wellness services designed to declutter your lifestyle so you have more time to focus on the important things and stay productive.

Personal and Home Concierge

Do you ever feel like your to do list never gets shorter? Always playing catch-up while sacrificing “me” time? We take care of the things you don’t want to so you can regain control of your time.. Our attention to detail, local knowledge, and, most importantly, our personal service enables us to deliver the very best of Baltimore and beyond.

Corporate Concierge

One great solution offered by top-notch companies around the globe is corporate concierge services. These services are offered as part of the benefits package to employees and they can make life smoother and simpler for everyone. When the work-life equilibrium gets balanced, the employee is able to deliver more at work and ensure a joyful relationship at home.


Being Organized Matters. Rest, Recharge, and Recreate in an impeccably organized home!

Home Staging & Redesign

Home Staging and Redesign for moving or for living. Staging works! It's a creative approach that delivers a big punch and tangible results whether you're staying or moving.

Green Cleaning

Part of the whole of Total Home Wellness is detailed residential green cleaning. Type ‘A’ Home offers a residential green cleaning component to the business like no other company does. For starters, we do not believe you should have to pre-clean for a professional cleaning crew. Sit back and relax while our crew turns your home into a spotless living space you can truly enjoy. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly, and highly effective cleaning supplies.

Packing & Moving Preparation

Don't procrastinate on packing those boxes! If you're preparing to begin a new chapter of your life by moving into a new home or apartment, Type A Home is here to assist you with the moving process.


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Are you self-motivated, detail-oriented, and want to become a home wellness proffessional?

Then you may be perfect for the Type A Home staff. We hire individuals to become Household Managers that can provide all Type A Home services. Our professionals aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and have prior knowledge of good cleaning habits! If this sounds like you, feel free to submit an employment application.